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    The concept of creating underwear that promotes safety originates, in part, from a pregnant woman who could not see her feet to know where to 'step' into traditional underwear.  There were times when I misstepped when putting on underwear and I lost my balance.  Out of fear of falling when getting dressed, during the second and third trimesters, I had to grab hold to an object to break the fall and maintain my balance.

    Creating underwear that promotes safety originates, in part, to provide an option for seniors before transitioning to disposal products. This stage of life is called, 'Dignity and Respect'. There is an organic cotton attachable absorbent "U" shape panel that can be washed and reuse or discard and replace with a regular subscription. 

    The attachable absorbent "U" shape panel provides a sense of confidence, independence, and dignity. The following communities will benefit from the ease of putting on and taking off these underwears;

    • Seniors
    • Maternity
    • Hospital
    • Medical
    • Injured Veterans
    • Intellectual and Developmental Disability (IDD) 
    • Handicap
    • Wheelchair-bound
    • General population

    If you want a change from traditional underwear and you do not have a medical or aging issue, become an innovative and trailblazing visionary and place an order today!